Here's a list of my differents jobs briefcase, studies book and some of my side projects beaker.
All these informations are available on Linkedin.

briefcase Front end developer / TYPO3 Administrator at État de Vaud

briefcase January 2009 - Now

Frontend development / TYPO3 integration / Backend administration on the various websites of the State of Vaud. I also share my UX expertise with services who ask for.

beaker alienlebarge.ch

beaker January 2000 - Now

It lives since a few year. From table layout and <blink>s to SVG injection, I always have a lot of fun to maintain my lovely personnal website.

beaker pou7.ch

beaker December 2013 - Now

I love my kids and I love trekking. But this is not always easy to find nice trail you can go with a troller and little kids. Pou7.ch goal is to list all the cool trails I've done with my kids.

briefcase Technical Manager at Pixit Communication

briefcase February 2008 - December 2008

Implementation of e-commerce platforms and content management tools.

briefcase Project Manager at Paul Vaucher SA

briefcase June 2004 - January 2008

In charge of the R&D at Paul Vaucher SA in Crissier. Developement of building automation interfaces that can handle complex of several buildings housing biotech laboratories. Specialization in the field of HMI.

briefcase Diploma work at Philip Morris Product SA

briefcase October 2003 - March 2004

Setting up a reporting and management support process for the Information Services department.

book Bachelor of Interactive medias engeneer at HEIG-VD

book September 2000 - March 2004

The department comem+ of HEIG-VD, from the old esig+ forms of media engineers who, through their training curriculum, are similar to the German Wirtschaftsingenieure or French ingénieur-e-s d'affaires. The curricula contain about 55 percent engineering, the rest being spent on communication, management and business management.

book Erasmus at HTWK

book February 2002 - August 2002

One semester of study in the HTWK's faculty of media in Leipzig.

briefcase Dessinateur-Géomètre at D.T.P SA

briefcase August 1996 - August 2000

Work as surveyor at D.T.P. SA in Orbe. I learned to work with tools like drawing pens and Leica theodolites.

book Maturité Professionnelle Technique at EPSIC

book August 1996 - August 2000

Technical higher vocational diploma at EPSIC in Lausanne.

book Certificat Fédéral de Capacité at EPSIC

book August 1996 - August 2000

Federal VET Diploma as surveyor at EPSIC in Lausanne.