Beyond Tellerrand: Connecting The Digital To Analog

by Cédric Aellen /

The Internet is full of data. Can’t we print them on paper ?
I really enjoyed Brian Suda’s talk. This is perhaps because my father worked in the paper industry as a typesetter.

Mr. Suda showed us how we can connect the digital to the analog. For example, why a boarding pass is “just” a boarding pass ? Why not adding usefull information on it like the weather forecast at the destination, the train connection to the city, etc. ?
Thus, a boarding pass can accompany the traveler during his trip and will not be forgotten in a pocket.

As web developer, web design for screen everydays. Why don’t we design for print anymore ? There’s plenty of tricks to make a printed page from the interent more useable.

Here is my sketchnote:

Sketchnote of the talk Connecting The Digital To Analog
Connecting The Digital To Analog. View original on Flickr
List of points where paper is better than phones: Water resistant, Electrical independent, Foldable and tearable, Sit on it or drop it, Annotable, Cheap, Replicable, Transmitable (FAX), Better resolution, File format agnostic, 100% recyclable
Paper is better on phones on a lot of points

Brian Suda – Connecting The Digital To Analog – beyond tellerrand Berlin 2014 from beyond tellerrand on Vimeo.


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