Beyond Tellerrand: First Impression

by Cédric Aellen /

Today is the second day of Beyond Tellerrand (actually the third day because I was at the workshop). Since Monday, I’m trying to publish my sketch notes of the talks. But, you know what a nightmare hotel wi-fi are. I decided to do a quick post about my impressions and post all the stuff with media when I will be back at home.

Beyond Tellerrand is one of these conferences you hear a lot about on twitter and in the web design scene.

This year, I’m lucky enough to take part of the first one who takes place in Berlin. I was looking forward to coming, and I can say I am not disappointed. The organization of the event is perfect and very friendly and the line up is quite impressive (here is the video title).

I learned a lot these days. The topics are great and really entertaining. Yeah, for sure if you have the opportunity to go to a Beyond Tellerand conference, do not hesitate. It’s great, the venues are awesome, the presentations are top level and Marc Thiele do a fantastic job.

Oh and Berlin is a beautiful city. This is one of my favorite European capitals. I really enjoy being back here.

Thanks btconf !