The iPhone 6 dilemma

by Cédric Aellen /

The new iPhone will be available in a few days and I am not able choose between the big and the bigger model.

My iPhone 4 is (almost) dead

For four years now, I use an iPhone 4. I have decided to buy a new one. Using my iPhone 4 is a pain. It’s slow, it freeze, it reboot constantly, the battery is almost dead, if I use it outside at under 17 °C temperature it stops working and the home button has stopped working a few month ago.

It’s time to change !

Two new precious

The new Apple iPhone will come in two size:

These two devices will be available to order here in Switzerland the 26th of September. Yes, it’s in two days ! And I can’t choose which one I will order.

So here’s the pros for each models:

iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Plus


For now, I am 30% for the iPhone 6 and 70% for the iPhone 6 Plus.
I will read more reviews and watch more videos and … Let see in two days.